In 2015 co-founder Adam Stein suffered a severe back injury that forced him to spend over 6 months in bed before he was able to schedule  a surgery.  Prior to the injury, Adam was in the best shape of his life.  He previously lost over 60lbs and had kept the weight off for more than 4 years.  After the injury, all of his hard work was lost when he dropped from 210lbs to 155lbs after the surgery.  A week after surgery Adam was back on his feet and began a rigorous physical therapy regiment.  Eventually he began doing two therapy sessions a day.

Due to Adam’s work ethic and resilience, he is now stronger than before.  Today Adam works as a personal trainer at a kickboxing studio, trains in calisthenics and strength training, all while cycling and running 4-6 days a week.  To him, Run.Lift.Move. is a lifestyle that has a deep personal meaning.

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